Assetto Corsa – Update 0.6 Released

January 31, 2014

Kunos Simulazioni has just released the update 0.6 for their Assetto Corsa game. In this version AI Quick Races has been enabled for all cars, all tracks. You can select whatever car you like, whatever track you like and whatever number of opponents. Most importantly you can select different opponents to race against. Collisions have changed. You can lean on your opponents, bump door against door, push and get pushed and the experience should be far better. Most importantly no more landmines and you can go over high kerbs with far more realistic behaviour. Also many other features and some bug fixes.

– All cars AI enabled
– All tracks AI enabled
– Improvements on track AI lines
– UI quickraces enabled
– Added theme module management interface (see Options/General)
– Fixed position indicator changing in proximity to the finish line
– First lap time in races starts when the starting lights are off
– On screen time difference : (On/Off switch)
– mesh collider system and terrain collision boxes
– Reworked collision stiffness
– Penalty system On/Off switch
– Hide steer option
– Smoke rendering in mirrors improved (also On/Off switch)
– Look back buttons implemented
– fixed some gui issues in endrace mode
– Winning an achievement in special events unlocks the lower achievements
– Fixed ambience sound volume
– Improved positional audio for opponents when driving in cockpit or F1 cameras
– Fixed opponents overall engine volume
– Fixed distance scale volume for opponents engines and related extra sounds (skids, backfires etc…)
– Fixed backfires exterior volume
– Maximum exterior engine volume is 1.0 to prevent sample clipping and/or distorsion
– Lotus Evora GTE physics bug fixes and updates
– KTM X-Bow R aero modifications and setup fixes